Friday, June 1, 2012

Standing Corrected

In what has become a weekly ritual, I turned to The Audiophile last Friday evening and said, "Did you read my blog?" He glanced at me over the top of his electronic reading device and replied, "Yes. None were original."

Really? None? Not a single elegantly crafted box that was broken down and properly disposed of last week was original? My mistake. To correct the record, I must now humbly inform the worldwide, pants-wearing, audiophile community that the boxes heretofore mentioned were UNoriginal. They lacked spontaneity, creativity, and the ability to sustain their end of a witty conversation.

In Darwinian terms, the unoriginal boxes were not fit to survive even though they seemed perfectly capable of reproduction if you ask me. Instead, they are on their way to being pulped into commonplace toilet paper tubes or garden-variety biodegradable flower pots neither of which are nearly as impressive as serving at the pleasure of The Audiophile.

Meanwhile, the original boxes are enjoying the club-elite status of the storage room where they no longer need to explain their jokes, endure hackneyed requests for "Freebird," or reiterate for the billionth time why there are no Bose components in The Listening Room.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.