Monday, May 29, 2023

I Drink Alone

Remember that one or six times when I wrote about The Fine Young Cannibals? Well, yesterday I was making a nice pan of brownies, with extra chunks of mighty fine chocolate added to the batter, when a U-Haul pulled up. Two strapping young men jumped out along with their supervisor whom they referred to as “Dad.”

We said our hellos and Dad informed me he had just “binge-read” this entire blog. I don’t know if that is a healthy choice or not, but I do know our house is now 300lbs lighter thanks to The Audiophile Diet. Obviously, this diet is best followed under a doctor’s supervision, and by “doctor” I mean psychiatrist and by “psychiatrist” I mean psychic because the materialization of speakers in and out of this house is positively supernatural.

Being the full-service guy that he is, The Audiophile oversaw the loading of the FYCs onto the truck and followed it to Dad’s house to provide consultation on the set up of the speakers in their new home.

This left me alone with 1 - 1 = 0 speakers and a full pan of brownies. Let’s just say I somehow ended up eating 1 + 1 + 1 brownies, which I now endorse as the The Audiophile’s Wife’s Diet. Obviously, this diet is best followed when you are under the supervision of no one whatsoever lest you be ridiculed or judged or stopped before you have time to finish off that third brownie.