Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Song

In this season of reflection on all the people and things that spark joy, I would like to acknowledge my eternal gratitude for the following:

In the course of buying and selling, The Audiophile does not collect. What I mean is, typically there is only one amp, one preamp, one set of speakers, one power thingy, and one or two other rectangles that do something critical in the overall experience of listening to a simple song.

Sure, gear comes in, but after a short A/B do-si-do, the gear goes back out. He does not have precariously balanced towers of audio stuff lurking behind closed doors or sleeping under old sheets in the atticas far as I know, anyway. If I ever go to the attic and learn otherwise, I will cut eyeholes in all the sheets and play haunted music on a lo-fi boombox until The Audiophile cleans the place up.

Fortunately, the likelihood of this happening is extraordinarily low because our eHarmony compatibility chart basically states we are both obsessive compulsive with an unhealthy need to keep things nice and tidy. And clean. And symmetricalwhich is a mighty fine character flaw when it comes to speaker placement.