Friday, March 22, 2013

Shower The People

It has come to my attention that some audio wives receive special gifts when their audiophile husbands buy new gear. Flowers, jewelry, and foot rubs have been mentioned as love tokens lavished upon the adoring women who do not complain about their husband's OCD.

I flipped back through the diary that I do not keep and noticed an absence of presents and favors. Clearly I'm doing it wrong. I am not sure where to sign up for this post-purchase pampering, but I'm hoping The Audiophile reads this and gets my order.

In the future, when something arrives in a small box, like tubes or interconnects, I'll gladly take a foot rub. If the box is medium-sized and contains a regular amplifier or a premillennial amplifier then flowers would be nice. If, however, a forklift delivers an item that requires my back-breaking assistance either up or down a flight of stairs, then I'm thinking a puppy of my very own would probably be the only possible way for The Audiophile to maintain his status as a gentleman among gentlemen.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.