Friday, March 15, 2013

Mixed Tape

The Audiophile has been selling, selling, selling now that he's convinced he no longer needs his old analog equipment. In order to accommodate all the boxing and shipping of gear, he took me on a date to buy packing tape.

The problem with packing gear is there is an audiophile code of conduct that requires all the tape in the nation be used to wind around and around and around the box until infinity. Every time he completes one of these ready-for-shipping masterpieces he presents it to me with the same look of achievement as my sled dog of yesteryear when he deposited the head of a small mammal near my back door.

If you, as an audiowife, are ever responsible for opening one of these tape bunkers you'll want to have your phone nearby with emergency personnel on speed dial, because the odds of getting into one of these babies without severing an artery are slim. The alternative, however, is busted gear so obviously a few days in intensive care is a small price to pay to avoid that catastrophe.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.