Friday, December 16, 2011

Speaking in Tongues

Here's something that may not apply to all audiophile's but certainly applies to The Audiophile with whom I am most familiar. It is the nature of how his brain functions when it comes to recalling basic information.

If you ask The Audiophile to name the speakers he had during the Reagan administration, he will instantly fire back with, "That would be the Hydrobobonic PR67's." Further quizzing about any of his ever-rotating inventory of components will reveal a freakish capacity for total recall. This is clearly a handy skill for those times when he is on the phone with another audiophile who speaks his language because it makes for scintillating conversation.

Yet if you ask The Audiophile to bear witness to our children's dates of birth, things get a little dicey even though we only have two or three kids. So, being the unconditionally loving wife that I play in my own mind, I have devised a plan to refer to the fruit of our loins with a helpful nomenclature.

It will go something like, "Honey, SM328 called and he and SP404 will be here for Christmas. Oh, and before I forget, a 'bedroom system' may seem like a great gift idea for MegaWife 2.0, but she would really prefer bubble bath and a lifetime supply of never moving a subwoofer again."

And that, my friends, is audio winning.