Friday, June 17, 2022

When You Say Nothing At All

So, I was sitting with my laptop attending to all the major and minor details of our lives when I heard The Audiophile say to someone on the phone “… your ears are being subjected to too much information…”

There were a lot of other words in his many sentences to the oozingly likeminded audiophile to whom he was speaking, but the point that I took away from the conversation was it is possible, nay highly probable, that one’s ears can be subjected to too much information.

Here I would like to digress and report that The Audiophile hails from the fast-talking northeastern part of the occasionally United States, while I harken from the peaceful prairie lands graced with many rivers and the hills of sand.

The bottom line is my ears are subjected to too much information on a regular basis, but I fear there is no attenuator to easily remedy this acoustic situation.