Friday, January 28, 2022

Thank You For The Music

The Audiophile choses the music that plays in our humble abode, not just because he is the alpha human, but because he has excellent taste. My taste has its lows and its Apple-Bottom-Jeans-Boots-With-The-Fur lows, although you are guaranteed to enjoy a dance party weekend if I’m the one dropping the beats.

This brought me to wondering if audiophiles even like to dance or if it’s only about sitting perfectly still, in the same spot, using their increasingly furry ears, to pick up on the canine differences in Sound A verses Sound B. So, I Googled “Do audiophiles like to dance?”

I learned “A reasonably good number of audiophiles are attracted to EDM.” I ran this bit of sci-fi past The Audiophile, and his subsequent rant included frantic hand gestures and a phrase that alluded to a bull and its droppings.

In summary, The Audiophile does not dance, does not like EDM, and will not play your favorite music if you stop by because he is THE Audiophile in this house, which is sort of like being THE President of the United States or THE Queen of England neither of whom I’ve ever seen busting much of a move.