Friday, April 12, 2013

Can't Touch That

Earlier this week, The Audiophile said, "I need to use your system to burn in some ICs." I slowly and methodically responded, "I seeeeee." He further explained that his system was presently indisposed and incapable of performing the task to which I again responded, "I seeeeee."

I was hoping for more dialog from him so I could repeatedly respond with, "I seeeee," until he embraced the beauty of my subtle, yet hysterical, sense of humor, but he instead missed the essence of the moment and proceeded to re-engineer my system to burn in his I SEEs.

The disc he chose for the burning in process has probably played through about seventeen hundred times and has likely re-engineered my brain for the worse. Sure, I could probably put in a different disc, but that would involve TOUCHING his CD player, and I'd rather be in need of a neuropsychologist than risk the consequences of crippling one of his rectangles with a distortion-producing fingerprint.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.