Friday, July 6, 2012

Musical Chairs

The Audiophile made an impulse purchase recently. One minute we were wandering around a tourist town half-heartedly looking at baubles and bits, and the next we were oddly in the market for a new listening chair.

This chair was designed to be stressless if for no other reason than to provide retailers and consumers around the globe with an opportunity to use their sexy voices to say “stressless” repeatedly and frequently.

Sure, the chair is voluptuously covered in buttery-soft leather and has a matching ottoman that automatically adjusts itself based on the paradigm of the music, but more importantly, and I cannot emphasize this enough: The chair is stressless.

The nice thing is, once The Audiophile was convinced this was the chair of his musical dreams, he turned to the salesperson and said, “I’d like a matching one for my wife too.” Never mind that our new chairs cost more than most elective surgeries, we are, and I encourage you to say this aloud with me: stressless.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.