Friday, November 11, 2011

His and His

A couple of weeks ago I had the audacity to gloat about MY new speakers that were being set up in MY living space to provide ME with my own source of auditory pleasure. Yes, well, as with all of my gloating, the time has come to acknowledge I was misguided.

The new system, briefly known as "mine," has become very attractive to The Audiophile because it is hooked up to a thing that siphons music from heaven or wherever it is music lives when it is not vacationing on a compact disc. Consequently, the Audiophile has quickly become addicted to the manna and has been inhaling deeply from the personalized stations he has created to play his favorite music both past and present. Mostly past. Mostly by artists with whom I have been happily unfamiliar.

I concede I have horrible taste in music, which I blame on Nancy Sinatra and a pair of fabulous white fashion boots that I was given shortly after birth. Still, it is probably damaging my fragile self-esteem to allow someone else to select all of the music all of the time on a system that I now suspect was never going to be mine from the onset.

To remedy this situation, I took the liberty of creating my own personalized station this week. The thing is, the station was so bad no amount of clicking "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" could make it palatable--even for me. So, although I may not enjoy all of the music selected by The Audiophile, at least he can boast that no genomes were harmed in the making of his stations.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.