Friday, October 14, 2011

Mile High

According to my source, this is the weekend of one of the most highly anticipated audio festivals of the year. I've never been to this festival, and I truthfully don't know whether it is highly anticipated or just moderately contemplated. Either way, I suspect love is in the air for those who are making the pilgrimage.

It is a shame I will not be at this festival because I see they have generously devoted an entire page of their website to "spouse outings." Browsing the outing options allowed me to vicariously savor the thoughtful balance of activities that appeal to temporarily abandoned people of all walks.

If I were more entrepreneurial, I could have reserved an exhibitor room at the festival itself to peddle my wares. That I have no wares to peddle may have been problematic and somewhat confusing for the selection committee.

Instead, I have put "attend an audio festival" on my bucket list because it seems as if I should witness a gaggle of audiophiles in their natural habitat. Sure, I have preconceived ideas about what they look like when two or more are gathered together, but actually seeing them with the naked eye would not only be an educational opportunity for me, it would also make The Audiophile as giddy as a girl on a spouse outing.

And that, my friends, is audio winning.